that fuel hyper-growth

We create communication strategy to influence market perception and drive growth.
They trust us
They trust us

We design communication strategies and experiences that propel hyper-growth, with Brand Purpose as the foundational element.

Our approach centers on integrating Brand Purpose at its core, extending from upstream strategic planning through to downstream communications and growth.




Identity Matrix

Brand operating model

Action-oriented toward
producing brand narrative





Brand operating model

Action-oriented toward producing brand narrative

Communication Campaigns


Identity Matrix





A unique framework to deliver brand impact.

  • Business Identity Matrix

    A guide to businesses consistency and strategic autonomy based on market research and analysis.

  • Strategic Communications Blueprint

    A navigational chart for communications and marketing journey outlining everything about identity and communication strategy aligned with business goals.

  • Integrated Communication Campaigns

    We implement communication tactics to deliver a brand message that creates business impact.

  • Growth Engineering

    We fuel growth with brand-purpose for brand impact employing a strategic mix of marketing techniques.

A unique ecosystem of companies to serve growth through communication

Lamkarfed & Companies gather  a wide range of specialized companies that help business grow, from management consulting, marketing, and communication to emerging and scaling companies.

We position ourselves as a single point of contact for the development, planning and execution of communication and growth strategies.

Consulting & Research

Communication strategy consulting

Market analysis and insights

Communication and growth plan

Media roadmap

Brand Communication

Development of brand messages

Brand Guidelines

Customer journey design

Storytelling and content creation

Public relation & Media

Media plans and execution

Media analysis

Media monitoring and management

Crisis communication

Market Influence

Thought leadership

Strategic partnerships

Event management and facilitation

Online reputation management

Advertising & Marketing

360° advertising campaigns

Campaign creation and production

Planning and execution of marketing campaigns

BtoB influencer marketing management

We build brands with a unique
set of capabilities

Successful companies have harnessed the power of communications and have fueled their growth building up a winning strategy through 4 main pillars. 

Strategic Planning

We gather a comprehensive set of capabilities to align business models with unique positioning that help fuel brand impact and drive market influence.
Market Research & Analysis
Communication Blueprint
Program Definition

Integrated Storytelling

Transform your brand’s presence with cohesive and compelling storytelling across all mediums. Seamlessly blend editorial, visual, and video content for an immersive story that resonates with your audience at every touchpoint.
Production at Scale
Corporate Branding
Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Create and cultivate a deep, lasting connection between your brand and its audience through impactful brand interactions.
Create Brand Value
Generate Insightful Perspectives
Drive Growth Through Branding

Growth engineering

Become a successful organization by offering a clear path for growth. Integrating comprehensive campaigns serving brand equity and impact in a sustainable way.
Change management
Support leadership teams

Our Methodology

Help companies emerge and scale their brand and impact creating a unique positioning
fueling growth and impact.

We help create communication programs to achieve a global reach, assisting in both the planning and execution phases.

We guide clients in crafting, executing, and expanding their communication strategies to enhance their reach and influence in an increasingly globalized and connected market. This includes setting up the right technologies, processes and operational frameworks.
Strategic outlook
We define clear strategic objectives and alternatives to reach communication and influence targets through proven methodologies.
Design operations
We structure and plan communication operations to create an agile and winning ecosystem who captures traction and reacts to unanticipated opportunities.
We constitute an ecosystem of highly skilled partners and specialists to deliver outputs that are valuable and relevant, considering short and long term implications.
We architect and cultivate the optimal mix of channels, teams, and strategies for communication amplification, minimizing risks and capitalizing on opportunities for greater engagement and impact.
Lamkarfed & Companies is a boutique consulting firm. It gathers individuals who have valuable experience in strategic sectors such as business intelligence, communication, storytellers, video producers, development, performance marketing and media.
Breaking with the traditional model of consulting firms and production agencies, Lamkarfed & Companies is a one-stop shop company that provides specific specialties for each client and project.
We are convinced that it is possible to create communication programs that are aligned with business objective, building responsible growth in the long term. We surround ourselves with professionals who have developed proven skills and methodologies capable of generating business impact. 
Since 2020, we have supported clients of all sizes in their communication and influence challenges. We build unique brands, leverage brand value and increase brand equity on saturated markets.
At Lamkarfed & Companies we believe that an entrepreneurial, open architecture and defined approach is the key to help our clients grow and remain sustainable in the long term.

What our client say about us

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Thang Nguyen
Tarik supports the Swissroc Group's communication strategy. His understanding of our corporate vision and technological issues positions him as a true pillar of our development. Always oriented towards the long term, he structures our activities through strategies based on concrete results.
Swissroc Co-founder and CFO
Thang Nguyen
At Lamkarfed & Companies we give rise to