We bring corporate strategy and communication together to create scaling brands in saturated markets.

Skilled Collective for Communication Impact

Lamkarfed & Companies carefully gather game-changer professionals around its clients' challenges, playing a pivotal role in crafting communication and storytelling, accelerating and scaling growth in a responsible way. Implementing disruptive and lightweight solutions that can yield significant returns for businesses, investors and end-clients alike.

What drives us

Proximity & Trust
Lamkarfed & Companies grew out of the trust inherent in strong relationships. We combine a set values of consistency and reliability to bring out the best in each situation we encounter.
Beating the alpha is our motivation. Making sure to impact a company in a concrete manner and with a long term view is core to our activities and drive.
Responsible Scale
We relish the challenges of success and the joy of accomplishment - Retaining the integrity of our philosophy and capturing benefits of scaling without compromising the intimacy of our relationships and moral code.
Open Architecture
Our approach led us to build a global network of highly reliable professionals in key industries helping our clients in their unique journey.

Centralized in Switzerland, our multicultural and connected team serves businesses worldwide, harnessing the best tools available to collaborate across different time zones.




25 people
10 countries
4 continents


90+ brands
18 countries
4 continents

Geneva, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Paris, france

London, england

manchester, england

Casablanca, Morrocco

Rabat, Morrocco

New York, usa

Dubai, UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Fribourg, Switzerland

Lyon, France

Washington, USA

Chicago, USA

San Francisco, USA

Montreal, canada

madrid, spain

Lisboa, Portugal

Bucarest, Romania

Sao Paulo, Brasil

Brasilia, Brasil

Sydney, Australia

Doha, Qatar

Kyiv, Ukraine

From ideation to post-launch

This is what we can do for you.

Consulting & Research

Communication strategy consulting

Market analysis and insights

Communication and growth plan

Media roadmap

Brand Communication

Development of brand messages

Brand Guidelines

Customer journey design

Storytelling and content creation

Public relation & Media

Media plans and execution

Media analysis

Media monitoring and management

Crisis communication

Market Influence

Thought leadership

Strategic partnerships

Event management and facilitation

Online reputation management

Advertising & Marketing

360° advertising campaigns

Campaign creation and production

Planning and execution of marketing campaigns

BtoB influencer marketing management

We share our clients ambitions to shape the future.

Here are some visionary scale-ups and companies — expanding — that we partnered with to materialize groundbreaking ideas.

Brand Influence? Expansion? Digitization? Let us know

"We bring together unparalleled growth experience, technological skill and financial expertise to accelerate innovation for our clients"

– Tarik Lamkarfed, Founding Partner

Our people

Lamkarfed & Companies is led by Tarik Lamkarfed, founding partner who has successfully harnessed fourth-industrial revolution technologies as a competitive advantage for its clients..
He spent 15 years in the media and advertising industry as well as strategy consulting. He has helped and supported Fortune 500 companies, start-up and scale up, as well as family businesses on subjects such as communication, international business growth and change management in Europe and the Middle East.
Tarik Lamkarfed
Tarik Lamkarfed
Founder & CEO

"We bring together unparalleled growth experience, technological skill and financial expertise to accelerate innovation for our clients"

– Tarik Lamkarfed, Founding Partner


eCommerce Specialist
Data Specialist
Digital Ecosystem Specialist


Thought Leadership Specialist
Investigation Journalist
Personal Development Specialist


Finance Director
Finance & Bi Specialist
BI Specialist